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Birds of Prey / Re: Pedro's photos, part 3
« on: 25/04/2013, 23:30:30 »
thanks again for the kind feedback :-)

I must admit that it feels good having been able to put the things you taught us into practice, and that at least a few shots came out nice :-)

and now I know what those strange buttons on my camera actually do :-D

Birds of Prey / Re: Pedro's photos
« on: 25/04/2013, 23:28:03 »
Thanks for the feedback! 

About the tree trunk on the last photo, I must say that I had another where the tree trunk was not so bright, but I thought it was a bit distracting (too much texture, bigger than the bird) so I went for this one :-)

Birds of Prey / Pedro's photos, part 3
« on: 24/04/2013, 21:34:19 »
And my final set.


Birds of Prey / Pedro's photos, part 2
« on: 24/04/2013, 21:32:58 »
A few more photos.


Birds of Prey / Pedro's photos
« on: 24/04/2013, 21:30:49 »
Hi Hayo,

thank you for the excellent workshop! I learned a lot, and had tons of fun  :)

Here are some photos I took during the workshop.


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