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Hi Hayo and the rest,

First of all I enjoyed the workshop and the opportunity to shoot at these exciting locations - and of course the group!

I worked today/yesterday on a first series of images to be merged using HDR Efex Pro. You can take a look at where you can view them full-screen (and leave comments too).

To make it easier for you: I include below the HDR images from Zeche Zollern too:

RAW images were (slightly) preprocessed in Nikon Capture NX2 and converted to 16-bit TIFFs. Then I used Äutomate/Merge into HDR Efex Pro to merge them. Most of the Zollern images are processed using the Sinister preset, which I tweaked to suit my taste. Wanted to make it a bit creepy - possibly also because I listened to Nirvana in the background and because of having to get used again to the weather here (Slovenia and Croatia in contrast were nice and sunny). Hope you like them nevertheless.

I am currently working on the Hansa images, applying series-wise several different styles - creating two new own recipes/custom presets ('Melancholy' and 'PalePalace'). And of course I also have a load of single images, which I will process in the 'oldfashioned' way.


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