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Photography & Gear / flash
« on: 21/05/2013, 19:44:47 »
Hi Hayo,

Just searching the easiest way out: ask you... ;-)

Well, I am unsatisfied with the results of my flashlight, especially for theatre-photography, and I am searching for some documentation to help me.
Can you perhaps recommend some literature, or a Website, or whatever that may help me?

Camera: Nikon D5000
Flashlight: Nissin Di622

groetjes aan Maartje,
Ben alweer zo lang van plan jullie weer eens te mailen, misschien komt het er ooit nog van...

Post Processing / photos on laptop-monitor
« on: 30/11/2012, 17:45:25 »
Dear Hayo, dear all,

I have a question concenring watching photos on my laptop. Of course the monitor is calibrated. But as you all probably know, the colours and the light appears differently by tilting the monitor up or down.

Does anybody know if there is an optimal position/angle for the monitor in order to see the colours correctly?

Best wishes,

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