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Birds of Prey / Re: Excellent course
« on: 23/04/2013, 23:12:21 »
Thanks. Very helpful. I'll certainly experiment with the crops and white balance temperature suggestions. I was also boosting saturation and vibrancy on the portraits by about 10%, to bring out the yellows, for example, in the eyes of the rabbit owls.

One thing I noticed with quite a few of the water photos was that Lightroom was boosting the detail when I tried  automatic adjustment, while also adjusting the light and giving the picture a greenish twinge. This was the case with the first bird in flight shot. Not seen Lightroom adjusting detail automatically before, though I've used it for years.

Only other comment on your comments is the suggestion to late the background spot behind the barn owl less visible. in fact I quite lacked it as it was the outline of the Harris Hawk on the perch behind.

pleased with the 80-400 lens, both it's sharpness and the backgrounds when shooting wide open.

looking forward to seeing some of the other photos - good luck with your backlog.

Birds of Prey / Final Batch
« on: 22/04/2013, 22:20:38 »
Last four from my best shots. Many more, but I'll stop here.


Birds of Prey / Second batch from Sunday 22 April
« on: 22/04/2013, 22:17:50 »
Selection of wise owls...

Birds of Prey / Excellent course
« on: 22/04/2013, 22:09:56 »
Hi Hayo,
Great course this weekend and good idea to create the forum.
I'm very happy with many of the photos I took and we were lucky to be be working with Carel and his crew.  :D
Found the shooting tips and guidance very useful, but also exchanging views on camera's, lens and approaches was very helpful

I attach first four pictures below.

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