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Post Processing / Re: photos on laptop-monitor
« on: 30/11/2012, 19:36:03 »
Hi Pim,

Since you've already calibrated and profiled the display, we can assume that at perfect viewing conditions, the colours, brightness and contrast are as good as they can get.

When working with a laptop the following influences the image you see on-screen:
  • Light reflecting off the surface of your display. This is especially a problem with those shiny, polished screens many laptops these days have. While initially they look nice and contrasty, they're a nightmare for editing and you're best off using a matte screen instead. But even with a matte screen, light falling on your screen can degrade the image you're viewing. The solution here is to keep your laptop away from any light falling onto the screen. The more indirect the light, the better.
  • LCD screens change colour depending on the angle at which you view the display. The amount by which this happens depends on the quality of the display. In general, the older (and cheaper) the laptop, the more your image will changes with the viewing angle. The best viewing angle is always perpendicular to the screen.

Concluding: for best viewing on a laptop, a) keep it out of any direct light, shining onto the display, and b) position the screen so that the viewing angle is as close to 90 degrees as possible (this will anyway be the most comfortable).

Note too that some displays can change brightness depending on the ambient light level. If you want consistency in your results, you should disable this feature. Also make sure you calibrate the brightness of your display properly; most people tend too have their display too bright, rendering their prints darker than they expect.

I hope this helps,

Thank you Rob for sharing some of your images from the October 2012 Bavarian Forest workshop (see previous posts here and here).

Going through about 2500 images always takes time, hence the delay in posting a couple of my own…

Looking forward to your comments and feedback :)

Wolf on the run


Wood grouse



Brown Bear

Fighting wolves

Wolf dragging its catch

Bavarian Forest / Re: Trip with Hayo 2
« on: 25/11/2012, 13:58:38 »
Hi Rob,

I've posted some feedback on your images in your other forum entry.

Bavarian Forest / Re: Trip with Hayo Baan
« on: 25/11/2012, 13:56:23 »
Hi Rob,

Many thanks for your report of the workshop! Great to hear you enjoyed it so much :)
Timing of the trip was indeed quite perfect; the autumn colours were certainly at their best when we were there.

Shooting conditions (and our demand for high shutter speeds) did have us use high ISOs. I think our cameras were up to that task quite well though and that the end results are very good and “clean”, even when looking at 100%.

I like your images and will try to give you some feedback on what I would personally do to them to improve them even more.

The bright spot on the lynx's fur may be a bit distracting, I'd try to tone it down. I would probably also make the background darker to emphasise the lynx even more. Compositionally, perhaps I'd use a different crop (perhaps even portrait?).

The otter was a great, but quite hard to photograph, subject. I love his facial expression in this image, you captured that very well here.

The European Wildcat is one of my favourites, though very hard to photograph again. You did capture him well here. I think the colours are a bit too “warm” in this case though, and it would have been even better if he would look at you here.

As bears do not have an elegant form of their own, I find it difficult to photograph them in a pleasing way. We were lucky this time though and the female bear posed for us for quite some time and in lots of different positions. This is definitely a good catch, pity about her head “touching” the branches, but that's about all.

This is a really great and quite unique shot (sure, I made it too, but still, quite unique). Interesting to make this a B&W version. I would perhaps crank up the contrast a bit more.

Both good action shots, well captured and framed! B&W is again a nice choice here (and again, perhaps increase contrast a bit more here too)

Our last picture of the trip, taken the morning we had to leave  :-\

Industrial Heritage / Re: 2e series HDR-foto's
« on: 10/11/2012, 10:43:03 »
Bijgaand een 2e serie foto's in HDR. Merendeel is van na de workshop toen Sjoerd en ik Duisburg en Essen hebben bezocht. Deze serie heeft meer een realistisch uiterlijk.


Here's some feedback on your images. (Sorry for the delay; I have been away for a week :D)

I have a similar shot from this toxic location (we weren't allowed to stay there for more than 20 minutes due to the highly toxic fumes in the air!). I find it a hard place to take interesting “overview” shots from, like this.

These are from LaPaDu I guess? Interesting subjects with strong colours. I'd crop off the pipe just sticking in from the left of the first one here.

This one was taken at one of the only interesting places at Zollverein, open to the public. It's a nice shot, the blue sky and “pure” reflection makes it a good catch! If there's anything, I'd have a look at the whitebalance to see if you can improve the feel. The reflections look good, but somehow the top feels a slight bit off colour to me (but that could be just me…)

Anyway, nice shots!

Voor mij was een leerpunt dat je ook 1 enkele foto kan tonemappen zodat het een HDR uiterlijk krijgt.Ga nu kijken of ik er een fotoboek over kan maken.
Yeah, it's great you can also tonemap single images too; that way you can maintain a similar look to your images be they bracketed or not. Looking forward to your photo book!

De volgende klus is het Bayerischer Wald, samen met Hayo bezocht. Prachtig herfstweer en mooie herfstkleuren, maar toch vooral donkere lichtomstandigheden.
The Bavarian forest was indeed awesome, we were there right on time to have the perfect autumn colours. Lots of pictures to sort through and then edit so it will take a bit longer before I can publish the first results in the Bavarian Forest Forum here…


Hi Rob,

Thanks! The B&W ones (I made more) are my favourites too as they show the atmosphere of the place the best.

See you a next time,

Hi all,

Just returning from the Bavarian Forest workshop, I decided to first finish the images from the Industrial Heritage workshop. So here are four completely different ones from the Cokery :D

Looking forward to some more of your pictures.

Have fun,

Inside the mixing unit


Stripped cooling tower

The cokery in the evening

Industrial Heritage / Re: Feedback
« on: 18/10/2012, 10:39:07 »
Hi Rob and Sander, thanks for sharing your first images! Really nice to see what you made of the places we visited  8)

I still need to process Hansa but I'm afraid that will have to wait; coming week I'll be in Bavaria shooting with Rob ;D

Now as promised I'll give some feedback on your first images.

Rob's first images

The cellar is always a very nice place to photograph and this one is certainly one of the must haves.
Two things I like less about this image. I think it's too dark, though perhaps you can salvage some of the shadows in e.g. Lightroom, this one could really have used processing as an HDR. The other thing I like less is the fact the pillars do not stand straight. This is, however, easily fixed in post processing, e.g., using lens correction.

Nice, your HDR processing gives off the atmosphere nicely! Compositionally, perhaps the one thing that bothers me (but only a little bit), is that the cart us standing a bit too much in the middle. I think I'd prefer it a bit more to the right. Oh, and of course the slight tilt at which you shot the image could be corrected too.

Two great shots and ditto HDR processing. Like them very much. Not sure what I'd improve/change here.

Sander's first images

Rough approach to a rough scene. Good! Compositionally, I don't like the fact that the top of the cabin is touching the frame, a bit of space around it would have my preference. Post processing-wise, I'd crank up the contrast (a lot), this will give the roughness even more edge.

I never get that locomotive the way I want it, always something in the way that I dislike. You, however, have somehow succeeded in making the bothersome things in the background mostly disappear, and certainly made them less obtrusive. Well done! Post processing wise, I don't know which of the two I like best. The top one is nicely colourful, but the bottom one also has something going for it as it emphasises the old and worn-downness of the locomotive. Hmm…
One thing I'd try to correct is the bright spot at the front of the locomotive, especially the pipe is too bright and distracts a bit. Oh, and if you feel adventurous, you could also try to clone out the wall of the building on the right and the white/blue area in the background. Probably not too easy to do though so you may as well let it be.

To kick off image sharing and feedback for our Industrial Heritage October 2012 workshop, here are a first three of the images I took at the mine.

While I didn't take a great many shots at the mine, I did take shots I hadn't taken before on my earlier visits. All in all, I'm quite Ok with my catch  :)

I processed them with quite a heavy HDR-look as I felt that gave off the atmosphere of the place the best. Interestingly, while I shot almost everything bracketed (“to be safe”), I used only a single exposure for processing in many of the final images. Because of the weather (heavily overcast), the contrast in the scene just did not necessitate using more!

Feel free to comment and share your own!

Scrap yard

Coal sorting

Railway yard

Post Processing / Welcome to the Post Processing forum
« on: 15/10/2012, 17:51:44 »
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Birds of Prey / Welcome to the Birds of Prey workshop forum
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Bavarian Forest / Welcome to the Bavarian Forest tour forum
« on: 15/10/2012, 17:30:28 »
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