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Dortmund 2016
« on: 07/05/2016, 13:00:23 »
Here are some of my images  8)

Hope that link works.

Hayo Baan

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Re: Dortmund 2016
« Reply #1 on: 09/05/2016, 08:56:22 »
Hello Dieter,

Thank you for sharing your images. I'll link the images in (click for bigger view) and give some feedback below.

Simple but beautiful, I think/hope I have something similar. The only thing that is distracting a bit is the reflection in the top meter, but that wasn't really under your control.

I love the doors of the “machine halle”, so definitely a good choice for an image. It could use a bit more pop though, I think. Also, and especially since the image is so perfect and “clean”, you should make it perfectly straight. That will make it stronger.

That locomotive is always a favourite subject. I always find it hard to get a good composition out of it, but I really think this one works 8) The rust has gotten a nice structure (but not too much), colour wise, I think it is slightly too brown and should be more red. But that's probably more a personal thing.

Here I very much like the things that go on in the bottom half of the image. The top half doesn't add much to the image though, so perhaps could be cropped off. A pity that only the front wheel is sharp and not some more of the rest (what aperture were you using?). In post processing I would give the front a warmer white balance so the blueish sheen disappears.

Good structure, always interesting those big tubes. I'd give the image a bit more “pop” (colour).

Very good, clean, version of the cokes battery door handlers (that's what I think they are at least). Definitely give this one more “pop” and contrast. To make it perfect for me, focus should have been a bit more to the front.

For both these images I think there is a bit too much going on; for me there is no real subject (more so in the second one). For the first one I'd concentrate on just one of those boxes and switches (and crop the rest), I think that would work better.

This one works well for me. I'd give it a bit more contrast, but that would be all, I think.

Tower through the glass. Nice! Have you tried making this a portrait version with only the left side of the image? Does that work (even) better?

Beautiful! Nice and dramatic 8) Nitpicking: I'd straighten the image (but that's me…)

I like what's going on between the two locomotives and for me the left side could have been left out. The sky feels a bit too bright, perhaps you can lower its intensity a bit.

Me likes this one :) Has a good “feel” to it. I like that it is still pretty dark, perhaps you should even burn the front where the brightest parts are?

The “famous” see-through-all-compressors-view. I'd give it a bit more pop and remove the colour of the coloured lights at the end.

All in all some very nice images, again thanks for sharing 8)

P.S. As always: photography is very subjective and this is only my personal feedback. Please feel free (read: encouraged) to disagree!
Hayo Baan – Photography


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Re: Dortmund 2016
« Reply #2 on: 10/05/2016, 15:25:13 »
Hayo, thanks a lot for your evaluation. will probably work on that.
The tower thru the window (done based on Maartjes proposal - thanks again!) is my favorite and will try to improve.