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Helgoland 2016
« on: 16/06/2016, 21:46:28 »
Hi Hayo, great you already had time to select your pictures from this year on Helgoland. For me this still remains a challenge.
In the series of birds in flight I have added the first pictures I have developed up to now. I think they are my best shots with birds in flight.
Will keep posting the next steps.
Cheers Carlo

P.S.: On one of your pictures I discovered a strange bird  :-* :-*

Hayo Baan

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Re: Helgoland 2016
« Reply #1 on: 18/06/2016, 20:59:16 »
 Hi Carlo,


Two great poses of the birds!

For the first one, I would rather have more “room” (crowded landing place) on the left instead of the right, but the illustration of the difficult landing environment for the Gannets is awesome. What I especially like about this image is that it is a side shot; most of the landing shots I have are front shots (like the second).

Your second image is again a great illustration of the tough landing conditions of the Gannets. Beautiful wing pose!

Cool 8) Looking forward to the rest!

Greetings from Bavaria.

P.S. The bear cubs were great today and I am already extremely happy with my new D500 too!

Hayo Baan – Photography