Author Topic: Helgoland 2016  (Read 4539 times)

Krijn Kok

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Helgoland 2016
« on: 22/07/2016, 21:49:50 »
Dear Hayo, here are some pictures. We had a wonderfull time with you at Helgoland.

Hayo Baan

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Re: Helgoland 2016
« Reply #1 on: 23/07/2016, 15:47:15 »
Hello Krijn,

Excellent! Very nice images 8)

Some feedback on the individual images (and as always, feel free to disagree ;))

1. Couple. I like this one very much. Nice interaction of the two birds and it looks absolutely sharp to me :)
Normally I don't really like square images, but here it works very well.

2. Flight. Good shot, the only thing I'd like to change here would be the white balance; it feels a bit too magenta-ish. Also perhaps crop it so it becomes 3x2?

3. Take off. Nice pose, pity you got the tail touching the left side (the bottom is a bit tight too, but that's not such a big issue). Definitely crop this one 3x2 to put slightly more emphasis on the direction of the take off (to the right).

4. Landing. Beautiful! If you feel up to it, try to get rid of the background bird in the tail, the half bird in the background I'd definitely remove. Perhaps also make the image a little bit brighter.

5. Fight. Always a good show with these birds :) This one I'd make a bit brighter, and perhaps the white balance needs some adjusting too (less magenta?)

But to sum it up: very nice indeed (feel free to post more, also of Inge!)
Hayo Baan – Photography