Author Topic: Visit to the Liège-Guillemins railway station (Carlo's pictures)  (Read 3861 times)


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Hi, here the first pictures of the station.
Hopefully by end of the year I can post some additional examples. 8)

Hayo Baan

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Hi Carlo,

Thanks for posting! A different view on the station, again. Nice 8)

Some feedback:
  • Stairs and main passage way – Nice, apart from that silly photographer in the middle ;)
  • Mirrored – Interesting, amplifies the forms, I think
  • Main passage – Good symmetry, like the two people on the bench adds some human interest while still maintaining symmetry
  • Railway – This works well for me
  • Lift – Awesome, the very best of this batch, now why haven't I seen this one myself?

Hopefully this encourages you to post more soon :)

Hayo Baan – Photography