Author Topic: Couple of my own images of the 2012 Bavarian Forest trip  (Read 4567 times)

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Thank you Rob for sharing some of your images from the October 2012 Bavarian Forest workshop (see previous posts here and here).

Going through about 2500 images always takes time, hence the delay in posting a couple of my own…

Looking forward to your comments and feedback :)

Wolf on the run


Wood grouse



Brown Bear

Fighting wolves

Wolf dragging its catch
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Re: Couple of my own images of the 2012 Bavarian Forest trip
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Hi Hayo,
It 's clear that we were neighbours when taken the pictures.  I recognize some of the pictures.
The first pictures is one that I don't have. I love that one, although I find the contrast a bit to high for my liking.  But contrast is  "seasoning to taste".
The European bison and the bird  are better then mine because of the noise (D300 - D4) Very nice shot you made of the lynx, nice lightning and a nice pose of the animal.
I recognize the otter, not the bear, but the wolves nearly the same pictures. The "seasoning to taste" differs and I am glad for that, because otherwise  there is no reason for discussing .
All in all, it was a very nice time.