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Final Batch
« on: 22/04/2013, 22:20:38 »
Last four from my best shots. Many more, but I'll stop here.


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Re: Final Batch
« Reply #1 on: 23/04/2013, 19:35:00 »
 And even more! Boy you're fast ;) I have not even been able to properly look at mine yet; much too busy still with earlier images (still > 10,000 to go, and then there's this weekend's workshop in Dortmund to add to the list. All in all I won't be bored for the next months or so  ;) )

  • Hariss's hawk portrait: see comments on this shot in your first post
  • Great Eagle owl landing shot. I really love these birds! Compositionally I only have one tiny issue with it: the left wing is a bit too close to the top for my liking, but otherwise very nice!
  • Alaskan Bald eagle: You caught the silly walk well ;)
    Composition is good and balanced. I'd try to get rid of the strap to make it better.
  • Burrowing owl: Lovely animals with those nice and shiny eyes!

Many thanks for posting!
Hayo Baan – Photography