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Trip with Hayo Baan
« on: 20/11/2012, 17:35:23 »
For our, Hayo Baan and me, trip to the Bavarian Forest was the timing perfect.  The autumn there was in full colour. The weather was normal for the time of the year; sometimes frost in the morning, sometimes sun, sometimes patches of fog or a light drizzle, in short typical the autumn.
This was my third visit of the Bavarian Forest, the first two times was in the winter with lots of snow and as we all know, snow reflects the light. In the autumn is the light beautiful and warm, but there is less light so I needed most of the times high ISO’s.
Hayo knows his way around the Bavarian Forest, he knows the timing of the animals and he knows some of the rangers. Thanks to that, I have taken pictures of animals I saw never before (The otter and the beaver)
Because of the good circumstances, we made long days, leaving the hotel around  8 am and returning around 7 pm. The hotel and the food was very good and beer was cheap. Every evening Hayo gave a presentation. (Wildlife photography and Image processing techniques)  Hayo is an expert in post-processing and it will take a long time before I will reach his level.
All in all, thanks to Hayo, the week was very worthwhile.
Off course, also some results,

Rob de Jonge

Hayo Baan

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Re: Trip with Hayo Baan
« Reply #1 on: 25/11/2012, 13:56:23 »
Hi Rob,

Many thanks for your report of the workshop! Great to hear you enjoyed it so much :)
Timing of the trip was indeed quite perfect; the autumn colours were certainly at their best when we were there.

Shooting conditions (and our demand for high shutter speeds) did have us use high ISOs. I think our cameras were up to that task quite well though and that the end results are very good and “clean”, even when looking at 100%.

I like your images and will try to give you some feedback on what I would personally do to them to improve them even more.

The bright spot on the lynx's fur may be a bit distracting, I'd try to tone it down. I would probably also make the background darker to emphasise the lynx even more. Compositionally, perhaps I'd use a different crop (perhaps even portrait?).

The otter was a great, but quite hard to photograph, subject. I love his facial expression in this image, you captured that very well here.

The European Wildcat is one of my favourites, though very hard to photograph again. You did capture him well here. I think the colours are a bit too “warm” in this case though, and it would have been even better if he would look at you here.

As bears do not have an elegant form of their own, I find it difficult to photograph them in a pleasing way. We were lucky this time though and the female bear posed for us for quite some time and in lots of different positions. This is definitely a good catch, pity about her head “touching” the branches, but that's about all.

This is a really great and quite unique shot (sure, I made it too, but still, quite unique). Interesting to make this a B&W version. I would perhaps crank up the contrast a bit more.

Both good action shots, well captured and framed! B&W is again a nice choice here (and again, perhaps increase contrast a bit more here too)

Our last picture of the trip, taken the morning we had to leave  :-\
Hayo Baan – Photography