Author Topic: Pedro's photos, part 2  (Read 2025 times)


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Pedro's photos, part 2
« on: 24/04/2013, 21:32:58 »
A few more photos.


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Re: Pedro's photos, part 2
« Reply #1 on: 25/04/2013, 21:07:40 »
Hi Pedro, again very nice. Man, really all of you have done very well!

  • Haris's Hawk: Great pose, always try something different, really good! It looks a tad bit unsharp, but otherwise excellent. I'd have a look at the colours (White Balance) and perhaps warm it up a bit?
  • Kestrel portrait: Another sample of a different pose that seems to work well.
  • Landing Haris's Hawk: Good, but not as nice as some of your others.
  • Turkey Vulture: Love the different pose and non-standard composition. Really nice. Pity it doesn't look perfectly sharp.
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