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Jochem - 1st batch
« on: 26/04/2013, 17:57:18 »
Hi all,

i've really enjoyed the workshop, might do it again some day...  :)
Here are some of my shots...

Hayo Baan

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Re: Jochem - 1st batch
« Reply #1 on: 26/04/2013, 21:21:47 »
Hello Jochem,

Good to hear you enjoyed the workshop and from your photo's I see you had photographic success as well!

  • Barn Owl in flight: Good composition, perhaps not 100% sharp but still Ok! I would have liked the background to be more blurry/less complex, but there's only so much you can do.
  • Eagle Owl: Nice symmetrical composition with good wing-pose. I'd brighten it a bit because it looks a little bit too dark (to me) and if you're up to some photoshop wizardry, perhaps get rid of the tree trunk  ;)
  • Landing Eagle owl: Absolutely my favourite of the four; excellent composition and it even looks perfectly (?) in focus!
  • Burrowing owl: boy, they are cute!

Thanks for posting.
Hayo Baan – Photography