Author Topic: Rob's Birds of Prey  (Read 2656 times)

Rob de Jonge

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Rob's Birds of Prey
« on: 26/04/2013, 20:40:11 »
Hello Fellow Bird of Prey Photographers,

It was a very nice, intense workshop.  Lots of photos, but lots are also out of focus.
I have already seen some good pictures on this forum.
Here are my "lucky shots".


Hayo Baan

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Re: Rob's Birds of Prey
« Reply #1 on: 26/04/2013, 21:45:30 »
Hi Rob,

Ha, knowing you, they aren't really lucky  ;)
Anyway, as I said during the workshop a couple of times already, wildlife and especially birds in flight are about the hardest subject to photograph. So it is quite natural to have (many) shots that are out of focus.

  • Barn Owl portrait: Nice and peaceful portrait. Not sure I like it square, but for the rest very nice!
  • Barn Owl in flight: Good pose of the bird and well in focus. Pity about the tree top hitting the bird, and perhaps I'd like less room above and more below, but that's about it
  • Eagle Owl taking off: Good moment. Again not sure about the square aspect ratio (hmm, guess I'm not “square”  ;) )
  • Eagle Owl in flight: Good flight shot, love the open beak.


Boy, the results of all of you guys makes me proud to have had you in the workshop!
Hayo Baan – Photography