Author Topic: Rob's second round  (Read 2544 times)

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Rob's second round
« on: 26/04/2013, 20:42:47 »
Her are some more:


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Re: Rob's second round
« Reply #1 on: 26/04/2013, 21:54:53 »
  • Haris's hawk portrait: Well focussed. But I can't really bring under words why, but it somehow doesn't fully work for me.
  • Eagle Owl portrait: Ok, Focus is good and background is nicely non-distracting. If I'd like something changed, it may be that you are slightly looking down onto the bird (at least that's how it feels).
  • Burrowing Owl: Yes! Like it very much, best of these four, I think. But again I don't like it square and would crop of the underside (perhaps add to the left) to make it 3x2 in aspect ratio.
  • Kestrel: Nice! Especially because this is a non-standard approach to a portrait, works for me.

Looking at all the images from you guys, I really, really like what I see  8)
Hayo Baan – Photography