Author Topic: Some images from Maartje....  (Read 4287 times)

Maartje van Hees

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Some images from Maartje....
« on: 03/12/2013, 20:58:43 »
Just a couple of mine for you to see what topics I chose...

Hayo Baan

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Re: Some images from Maartje....
« Reply #1 on: 04/12/2013, 10:09:41 »
Hi Maartje,

Thank you for sharing  ;)
Awesome images, nice to again see another angle on the architecture.

Here's some feedback:
  • Stairs – Very nice use of the fish eye lens to get the whole scene! Good symmetry and balance.
  • Pinnacle with foreboding sky – Well spotted! Looking at it again, perhaps I would like to see the foreground a bit brighter, but that can be done relatively easy in post processing. Composition-wise, an even wider shot, with more sky, might have worked too, perhaps.
  • Bridge – Great lines. Nice contrast of the white construction on the near perfect blue sky with only a few clouds.
  • Underneath the Paulau de les Arts – Very strong image, love the symmetry and lines! Well spotted. Worth the extra time you spent going back there!
  • Stairs at the Veles e Vents building – Why oh why haven't I taken this one? Love the colours, the combination of the brown of the wood, white of the building and blue of the sky works really well in my opinion!  8)
Hayo Baan – Photography