Author Topic: Bavarian Forest Winter 2015  (Read 3234 times)


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Bavarian Forest Winter 2015
« on: 06/03/2015, 18:28:14 »
This was my first trip to the Bavarian Forest with Hayo. The weather was great for shooting. There was enough snow to take nice pictures in a white scenery. On the other hand temperature above 0 also allowed to have mixed views (snow and natural background) on certain days.
As attachment I posted a photobook allowing to easily show some highlights but also interesting series.
The last pictures are from Regensburg a marvelous City worth a visit when in the Bavarian forest.
Again many thanks for the good organization and photographic advice by Hayo who is real expert.
Carlo Hentzen

Hayo Baan

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Re: Bavarian Forest Winter 2015
« Reply #1 on: 07/03/2015, 11:30:46 »
Hello Carlo,

Many thanks for the kind words and nice photo album! It was a pleasure spending time with you in the Bavarian Forest and I'm glad to see you enjoyed it so much too.

You really have a way of creating interesting photo albums! You know how to combine images to convey an interesting “story”. Eye opener for me is that when presented this way, images that perhaps would have been overlooked at first sight can become quite valuable in the whole. Awesome!

I won't be able to comment on all individual images, of course, so I'll provide some more generic feedback per group of images instead.

Generic Because the album is converted to pdf, it is harder to really judge the colours (let alone sharpness), but judging the colours as they are presented in the pdf, I'd say some of the images could use a bit more “punch” (a bit more vibrance?). But again, this could be because it is a pdf which looses some of the colour detail.

Landscape Nice to see the icy stream one worked-out! I think it is my favourite of this series. Together they provide a good view on the “atmosphere” in which we were photographing.

Lynx A good selection of photos of these beautiful animals :) I think I like the tree gnawing one best. The “early morning” images with the sun just getting through (page 22 and 23 in this pdf), I have given a golden look (WB very high) myself, as that was how it felt at that time (when the sun was coming through). This might be something to experiment with for yours too.

Wolf Nice! I especially like the ones of the group fighting. I did not take these because of lens restrictions, but more because we had to shoot down on the animals. I regret that now as your images actually show that in this case the shooting angle worked quite well!

Otter The otters have never been as active as this year. Lucky for us as it helped getting great images 8)

Wild Boar Your first image here (where the boar is peeking from behind the tree) is my absolute favourite. Lovely expression. It looks perhaps a bit on the cool side, and perhaps the whites are a bit blown too, but what an image!

Wild Cat Though (especially she) was out quite a bit, the wild cats proved to be a difficult subject this time. Pity as the wild cats are very nice animals.

Bear Lucky we saw them as they rarely showed themselves this time. In the short period they were out, you did manage to get a couple of quite good ones (I didn't keep any of mine…).

Wisent Perhaps the animal that is the most difficult to get great looking images from as they are so big and black. Here I like the portrait image the best. Pity it doesn't look perfectly sharp (though the horns look quite ok, so perhaps its just the pdf) and a bit noisy too. But still quite nice.

Przewalski's Horse The images of Mother and Child I like best here. And the “not safe for work” ones are just plain funny ;)

Aurochs Good illustrative images, but of course not nearly as nice as your other ones.

Raccoon While the animal isn't endemic to the region, escaped raccoons have somehow survived and proliferated. The portrait one, though perhaps not perfectly sharp, is quite good actually.

Red Deer Pity the portrait one isn't perfectly sharp at the eyes. I also would have liked some more room on the left (and then less on the right). This would make it better, I think. For the image of the bold male deer, I'd blur the background a bit more to get rid of the patterns in the snow.

Birds The common raven with the piece of food in its mouth is great. And I also very much like your Griffon Vulture close-up. Nice!

Regensburg A nice city, indeed. Very panoramic ;)

Thanks for sharing, I will post some of my own images soon.
Hayo Baan – Photography